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                          SESSION HIGHLIGHTS - November 2021

The Session approved Kevin Capeling as Clerk of Session at First Presbyterian Church.  We thank Kevin for taking on this important role.  We also thank Judi Aitken for her service as Clerk over the last year at a time when we had to rethink how we do nearly everything at church during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Judi stated that it was an honour to serve as temporary Clerk, and will continue to serve on Session.

The Session voted to require double vaccination for all volunteers at the Saturday Breakfast.  Covid precautions will continue for all breakfast volunteers with social distancing and wearing a mask still in effect.

A thank you was received from Windinso, our sponsored child, for the birthday gift we send to him every year.  As well, a thank you was received from Outreach for Hunger for our regular donation to their food bank.

The following donations were approved by Session:  RBC Ministries (Daily Bread) - $400, Outreach for Hunger - $400, Salvation Army - $500, Chatham Goodfellows - $500, Hope Haven - $200.

A document outlining the protection and proper use of private personal information (addresses, phone numbers, etc.) of members and adherents was approved.

Christian Education reported that Allison Shaw continues work on a Christmas presentation with families from both First Church and Knox Presbyterian Church in Wallaceburg.

Property and Finance reports that offerings are on par with last year, although expenses have exceeded income so far this year due to several maintenance projects undertaken.  P&F also reported that they are in need of people to join their team.  This is a very important committee at FPC, and we encourage everyone to think seriously whether God is nudging you to volunteer in this capacity.

Repairs are likely to be done to the plaster in one corner of the sanctuary above the pipe organ due to water damage over the years.  We had hoped to do all the sanctuary work at the same time, but the section in need of repair needs to be addressed soon.  More information will follow.

A couple of pews in the sanctuary by the bottom of the ramp (5th Street side) will be removed to better accommodate people with walkers.  Access is too tight to allow people to move further into the sanctuary easily.

We are going to restart our church building tours for people who are new to FPC.  They will run after the church service.  Mask wearing and social distancing will be observed.

Look for information in Rev. Mike’s upcoming newsletter on how to register for our Christmas Eve service.  We are working out our maximum capacity, but we think it will be around 100 people.