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Our youth group is led by members of our congregation.  The youth group is open to kids Grade 6 and older.  We meet once a month for a time of fun activities and Christian learning.  We are blessed with parents who are involved in the youth group and help in preparing and sponsoring the different activities each month.

Some of the activities we have enjoyed in the past are: getting lost in the corn maze near Thamesville, cosmic bowling, hide and seek in the sanctuary (don't tell the elders!), scavenger hunts, games and video evenings, pizza and ice skating and our year end parties.  The highlight of our year is our weekend retreat in September which is held at Lambton Centre on the shore of Lake Huron.  We also send our youth to retreats at Camp Kintail.

The youth group sponsors various activities in the church and has raised money for various charities. Some of our youth participate in our church's "Backyard Mission" in which we helped a local deserving homeowner make needed repairs to his house at no cost.

The youth group is geared toward having fun, AND learning how to be a disciple of Jesus Christ - regardless of our age.  To that effect, we have coordinated what we teach in the youth group with what is being covered in our Middle School Class.  Our curriculum up to Grade 8 is an extended version of 252 Basics.

We endeavour to teach our teens how to make wise, biblical choices to help them live in a way that honours Christ and maximizes their God-given potential.

Everyone is welcome!!! Please call the office at 519-352-2313 for contact information.