Mike Maroney has an eclectic background, having been born in India, and raised in Mexico City along with his three brothers and three sisters. Mike has made Chatham-Kent his home since 1982. Mike has three children with his late wife JJ, (Lora, Mary and Mabin) and is married to Jodi, who has two girls (Elise and Erica). All of their children are young adults living outside of Chatham-Kent.

Through all the twists and turns of life as an artist, Mike’s call to be a minister finally became too insistent to ignore. He began studies at Knox College in Toronto in September 2000, and finished in December 2003. He was ordained and inducted as minister at First Presbyterian Church in February 2004.

Mike is keen on communicating the good news of Jesus Christ in ways that are relevant to our culture, and speak to our every-day situations. If you’ve been thinking of getting back to church, or maybe even thinking of attending a church for the first time, you’ll find FPC has been thinking about YOU in creating a church that speaks to your heart.

Whether you are just visiting for a day, or looking for a church to call home, Mike invites you to join God’s family in worship this Sunday.

Allison Shaw, our Christian Education Coordinator, is a native of Portland, Oregon.

Passionate about children’s ministry, Allison has been involved with Sunday School for over 40 years, teaching everything from nursery-age to high school. Beyond teaching, she enjoys reading, sewing, drawing and crafts.

Allison is excited about channeling her deep love for the Lord into teaching young minds and hearts about Jesus and His deep love for them, as well as inspiring others to teach.

She would love to meet your kids in our Kids’ Ministry hour on Sunday mornings for an exciting, fun-filled time of learning more about the Lord Jesus and the wonderful plans He has for their
lives. Come join us!

Allison lives in Dresden with her husband, Rev. Paul D. Shaw (retired). Together, they raised 3 children.