At the moment we are concentrating on our middle schoolers in our senior youth Sunday School programs. Our high school students, by and large, stay in the worship service, though they also help as volunteers in Sunday School assisting the teachers assigned on a particular Sunday.

Our Middle School class is for Grade 6 – 8. We use a more in depth version of the 252 Basics Curriculum in this class.

Our motto is simple: “Application, not just information!” Terry Wardle writes: “These days most Christians are over-informed, yet are under-transformed.” That is, it’s one thing to know the Bible, but it’s quite another thing to live it. We stress the latter with our kids by making them think of the choices and priorities they will be making as they grow up. It is our prayerful aim that Jesus will be as big a part of their life as they will allow him to be.

Our middle school classes are more discussion oriented at this level, but still use sets, fun activities and video clips to illustrate and better explain the topic series for the month.

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