First Presbyterian Church looks very traditional from the outside. Yet, be invited into our sanctuary, and you will find we do things less traditionally than you might expect! Our atmosphere on Sundays is relaxed, and dress is casual. If you like to dress up for church, please do so! If you don’t, that is quite ok with us.! We’re thankful and glad to share our worship service with you.

Rev. Mike preaches in a down-to-earth manner on Biblical topics that challenge us to live in God’s reality in every aspect of daily life. At FPC we believe that Jesus Matters, and that he changes the world one heart at a time.

Our musical ministry is vitally important to us. We believe that our choices in music not only reflect are devotion to God, but also create an atmosphere that is inviting to both newcomers and regulars. Our worship style combines the traditional and modern elements of church music, using both the pipe organ and modern instruments.

Adam Shaw, FPC’s music director, works with Mike so that all music, praise songs, hymns, and anthems reinforce the message series being preached in the pulpit. All audiovisuals employed in the service similarly serve to emphasize the topic being preached. So, if you visit us and think we put a lot of planning into what we do…you’re right!

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, our choir was made up of First Churchers of all ages, and they led us in song, sang anthems, and performed on special Sundays and cantatas. We hope to get back to hearing our choir, as it is an integral part of our worship service. We give thanks to God for their talents and passion for singing.

We are also blessed by our Praise Team; a talented group of musicians who add to our worship with song, guitar, flute and drums. The Praise Team is an active part of our worship services, and we are so thankful for their desire to serve God with their musical talents.  Again, due to Covid, our Praise Team is not temporarily on hold, but we are making plans to reintroduce them into our worship services soon.

Once the pandemic is over, the choir and Praise Team will be back to practicing every week on Thursday nights.  Adam invites anyone who wishes to join our music teams. Our choir and praise teams are friendly groups who always welcome new members. Please call the office for information if you’d like to join the music and worship ministry at FPC, or talk to Adam directly on Sundays. We would love for you to share your talents to the glory of God in our worship services.

Our Sunday School is online for the time being, but know that children are important to us, and we look forward to the kids being involved in the worship life of our church. Our Children’s Time is always fun as our youngest church members keep Mike on his toes by asking the type of questions only children could think of!

We welcome children at the communion table. An abbreviated Sunday School program runs on Communion Sunday, and the children return to the sanctuary in time for Communion. We love having our little ones at the Lord’s Table.

Mike interacts with and teaches our children, teens and adults alike. If you have children, please check out our Sunday School link to see what we have to offer to all the children and teens who make FPC their church home.

As we begin pulling out of the Covid pandemic, you will see that a lot is happening at FPC, and we’d love you to join us! If you’ve been thinking of getting back to church, or maybe attending church for the first time, you’ll discover we’ve been thinking about YOU in creating a worship experience that will speak to your heart. Won’t you join us?

Adam Shaw - Music Director
Praise Team
Praise Team
Children's Time