Welcome to our Newcomers!

We are so blessed at First Church as we continue to welcome new people into our church family. Regardless of whether you come from a different faith tradition, your sexual orientation or gender identity, relationship status, your cultural background or personal history, you will find a welcoming spirit here. If you are new to First Church, it is our hope and prayer that you feel excited as you take your first steps in your new church home.  As you begin to acclimate to your new church, we hope and pray that you will connect with the ministries at FPC. Working together for the Kingdom of God is the best way to share in the joy of being a Christian. God can use your talents here at FPC, so dive in!

Do you wish to become a member of First Presbyterian Church?

Please contact the office at 519-352-2313 if you have questions regarding membership, or would like to transfer your church membership to FPC. Linda Weeks, our Administrative Assistant will be glad to request your transfer for you.

As well, Linda can arrange a meeting with Rev. Mike. He’d be delighted to meet with you at the church or for coffee at his “second office” located at the Tim Hortons down the street. We’d love you to join our church family, so don’t be shy. Contact us!